I have been involved in music education since 1993. I am co-founder of the London Centre of Contemporary Music (2002-2016), and co-founder of the London College of Creative Media (2016/18).


I offer drum lessons for all levels. From 'out of the box' beginners to gigging 'on the road' players. 


As a measure of ability the terms 'intermediate' or 'advanced' can be clunky and vague. We are all different and each of us has our own set of unique skills. Every so often theses skills need upgrading.


Lessons are devised around student requirements. If there is a particular subject you want to study we can devise a plan to achieve your objective. These can be one lesson every three weeks or regular weekly lessons. It depends on what you want. 

Styles: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk, Latin, Afro Cuban. Understanding styles and their vocabulary, Interpreting styles, knowing your iconic drummers.

Technique: Traditional, matched, Open, 'push-pull' moellor technique, finger control, ergonomics.

Snare technique: single and double routines, rudiments, advanced rudiments.

Applied Technique: singles and doubles, creative stickings, cross rhythms, melody.

Independence/Coordination: Linear concepts, 4 way coordination, jazz coordination.

Time: counting, playing in time, listening, 'the one' clicks&sequences, odd-time playing in 3/5/7 and 9.

Reading: note values and rests, counting, interpreting phrases, chart reading, drum composition.

Major Scale harmony: intervals, chord construction, scales major/minor, composition.

I teach the RockSchool and Trinity exam grades.


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